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Sabtu, 22 November 2008

Fact About Lion

There are so many carnivores in this world. One of them is lion. Lions are also a wild animal. Lions can be found in the jungle. They typically live in savanna and grassland. They exist in the wild jungle of Africa, Asia, Europe, and even in America.
In the wild, lions live for approximately 10-14 years, while in maximum they can live over 20 years. They can run fast like a horse or maybe over the horse. They usually live in groups. They have a good hearing. They can hear voices from 100 until 150 meters. So they can detect enemy come. They are inactive for about 20 hours per day, although lions can be active at any time of day. Hunting takes place more often during the night hours. They spend an average 2 hours a day walking and 50 minutes eating.

Every lions of course have claws. Its claws are sharp. Its fangs are very strong too. Lions also have powerful legs, a strong jaw, and long canine teeth. Average listed weights for the lions are between 150–225 kg for males, and 120–150 kg for females. Head and body length is 170–250 cm in males and 140–175 cm in females; shoulder height is about 123 cm in males and 100 cm in females. The tail length is 70–100 cm. the tail ends in a hairy tuft. The male lion is bigger then the female. Because, the male lion has a mane. The mane makes the lion look bigger. The color of the mane varies from blond to black.
Lions usually hunt in groups. Their prey consist mainly of larger mammals, with a preference for zebras, buffalo in Africa and several deer species in India. But if the lion has a extreme hunger, it can kill an elephant. A lion may gorge itself and eat up to 30 kg in one sitting, if unable to consume all the kill will rest for a few hours before consuming more. An adult female lion requires an average of about 5 kg of meat per day, a male about 7 kg. The lions begin to hunt effectively when they are almost two year old.
Lions don’t mate at specific time of year. A female may mate with more than one male when she is in heat. The average gestation period is around 110 days, the female giving birth to a litter of one to four cubs. They weight 1.2-21 kg at birth. In the wild, competition for food is fierce, and as many as 80% of the cubs will die before the age of two. Although lions are a wild animal, they are not bad as bad as you think. You must never think to kill them because the population of lions are getting lower. We must save lions from extinct.
Source : en.wikipedia.org