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Sabtu, 22 November 2008

Aligator River

Tita was a woman of about 21 years of age. For several month she had been engaged to a young man called Dimas. The problem she faced was that between her and her fiance there lied a river. No ordinary river, but a deep, wide river full of hungry alligators.

Tita wondered how she could cross the river. She remembered Nico, who had the only boat in the area.

She then approached Nico, asking him to take her across, he replayed, “ yes, I will take you across if you spend a night with me.”

Shocked at this offer, she turned to another acquaintance, Alex, and told him the story. Alex responded by saying, “yes Tita, I understand your problem, but it’s your problem, not mine!” He refused Tita’s request. Tita was really confused that she did not know what to do.

After thinking for along time, Tita finally decided to turn to Nico. Spending a night with him and in the morning he took her across the river.

Her meeting Dimas was warm. However, before they were to be married, Tita felt that she had succeeded in getting across the river. Knowing this story from her, Dimas went ballistic. He even responded by saying that he would not marry her even though she was the last woman in the world. The marriage was cancelled.

Finally Tita turned to her friend, Benn. After listening to her story, Benn felt really sorry. Then he said “ well Tita, I know that is ridiculous, but I will marry you. I can not only be silent and do nothing .” in fact, Tita knew exactly that actually Benn did not love her.